B.E.S.T.  Friends Wellness Group

                                            A Private Heatlthcare Membership Association for People and their four legged friends

James W. Murphy, PC  -  Susan D. Swazey, PC




James W. Murphy

My interest in horses started as a youth in the sixties which turned into a passion filled life purpose of understanding and working with horses and their owners.

My work with horses is based on research, years of experience and a constant pursuit of finding out what I don't know.   I've worked with various breeds based on knowledge, experience and energetic levels.

(at this time I am not training horses)

For me it has always been about the sheer joy and pleasure in working with such magnificent creatures.

Now, through Morter Health Systems, I am an Animal Mastery practitioner and trainer of practitioners of an energy balancing system that allows not only people but their horses to be in optimal health.

I look forward to being of service to you plusyour equine and canine friends.


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Susan D. Swazey 

I've been involved in the energy balancing and health field of wellness for over 20 years.  I have numerous certifications in various energy balancing systems,  alternative healing modalities and physical fitness trainings.

My love of animals led me to pursue my certification in Animal Mastery with Bio Energetic Synchonization Technique.

As a practitioner of B.E.S.T. for over 13 years, I found my knowledge and skills were truly appreciated by the horses, dogs and cats I worked with.  "I really got to see the system work for the first time on James' horses, and  I was amazed at the drastic effect it had on their coat, eyes, extensions, and over all demeanor.  I knew I was hooked on animals, but it also made me realize the effect that it has on all the humans I worked on as well."  Humans get in the way of their healing and animals don't. 

I am so excited to work with you and your family as well as your animal friends to keep you at your optimal health potential.               For more information about me check out my other websites