B.E.S.T.  Friends Wellness Group

                                            A Private Heatlthcare Membership Association for People and their four legged friends

James W. Murphy, PC  -  Susan D. Swazey, PC




Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique is a system designed to treat vibrant health for animals and their owners as a given rather than an accident.  This approach chooses to acknowledge and honor the inner healing life principle, which resides within all living systems including you and your four legged friends.  B.E.S.T. is a prevention based system that brings balance back to the autonomic system both in people and their animals.

Allow B.E.S.T. Friends Wellness Group to put you, your family and your animals in thrive mode to achieve your goals and dreams of optimal health and performance.


  Advancing the understanding, communication and health of animals and their owners world wide

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Our Guarantee


Our services do not replace your Veterinarian  in any way.  We do not diagnose or administer Veterinarian services.  We work with your Vet as a team to enhance the health and performance of your animals.

We guarantee a well connected experience with you, your family and your four legged friends.